The Tech Transfer Issue: Bridging Innovation and Industry

In the pharmaceutical world, Technology transfer (TT) is part of the product’s lifecycle. TT refers to the process of transferring knowledge, technologies, and methodologies from one institute or facility to another. This broad definition encompasses various activities, from moving academic discoveries to the commercial sector to sharing innovations between different companies or research facilities.

In this issue of The Biotech Startup Standard, we cover several key aspects of technology transfer:

  1. Operational Aspects: Explore the critical steps involved in the technology transfer process, ensuring smooth integration and reproducibility in a new setting. “Technology transfer is the exchange of technical information between the R&D workers who create a technological innovation and the users of the new idea”.
  2. Risk Management: Delve into strategies to minimize risks associated with technology transfer, focusing on best practices and risk-free approaches. According to a detailed discussion, “Tech transfer making it as a risk-free approach in pharmaceutical and biotech industries involves extensive planning and validation”.
  3. Best Practices: Learn about the systematic approaches and frameworks that facilitate effective technology transfer and scale-up, ensuring successful transitions. The systematic approach is essential as “a well-executed bioprocess technology transfer (tech transfer) is critical to ensure smooth knowledge transfer and optimal process reproducibility”.
  4. Real-Life Examples: Discover real-life examples of successful technology transfers, highlighting common challenges and solutions to inspire and guide your own efforts. As stated, “Effective transfer of biotechnologies enables these developing countries to utilize their natural and human resources efficiently”.

Our articles provide snapshots of these essential topics, offering insights and practical advice for biotech startups. Dive into this issue to uncover detailed discussions, expert opinions, and success stories that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of technology transfer.

About the author

Rivka Zaibel
President and Founder @ ADRES International Biotech Consultation and Execution

With over 35 years in biopharmaceutics and biotechnology, Ms. Zaibel has led an impressive number of multidisciplinary projects, supports startups globally, and has secured FDA and EMA approvals for recombinant proteins, vaccines, and medical devices. In 2019-2020, Ms. Zaibel joined the Weizmann Institute of Science SPARK project as a mentor and also became a member of the advisory board and lecturer for a new Master's degree in Regulatory and Drug Development at TAU. In 2022, the ADRES team led by Ms. Zaibel joined the BIODESIGN ISRAEL Rambam healthcare campus program as mentors. In 2023, Rivka was accepted as a mentor by EIT Health.

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